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The Benefits Of Working With Us

20+ Years of Legal Marketing Experience

Founded in 2004, with 20+ years of digital marketing experience in the legal space, we have the expertise to provide optimal performance for your law firm's website. We understand how the legal marketing ecosystem operates and will work with your law firm to implement a synergistic digital marketing system that is respectful of your time and achieves results.

Customized Handwritten Content

Legal marketing experts handwrite every piece of content we produce for your website. Our access to extensive legal literature through Trial Guides Publishing gives us unparalleled access to legal know-how so that we can provide legal marketing content with an efficacy that you won't find anywhere else. 

Tracking on 100+ Keywords

We track website performance and marketing efforts with pin-point accuracy. Understand how your website is performing for 100+ keywords on a monthly basis.

Dedicated Digital Strategists

Expertise, Transparency, and Results are the cornerstones of our digital marketing agency for law firms. Work with a dedicated digital strategist who focuses on these values to provide the best possible digital marketing services for your law firm.

Customized Reporting Dashboard

We want you to be successful while you work with us and long after. Every client we work with gets a customized reporting dashboard engineered to provide concise and actionable insights for your law firm. The best part? You own this dashboard 100% and get to keep it if you ever decide to stop working with us.  

Competitive Analysis

A crucial component of any successful digital marketing strategy is a crisp understanding of your law firms online competitive environment. We constantly monitor your competition and craft our strategies with your competition in mind. When you sign on to services with us, we review how you stack up against your competition with you on a monthly basis. Do you want a competitive analysis right now? Schedule a time to chat with us now.

We Are Legal Marketing Experts

We know your market

Legal marketing poses a unique problem: your clients could be, literally, anyone. The challenge of targeting, say, anyone who has been injured by a truck, or anyone who used a specific type of medical device can feel overwhelming. This is why understanding what your clients are searching for is absolutely essential to widening your reach—and narrowing your marketing funnel. 

We know that no two law firms are exactly the same. Some law firms want only a small number of high-value cases, while others want as many cases as possible. Some firms may want to narrow their focus on a specific type of case, while others may be looking to expand into new areas of law. As a company that has been immersed in the plaintiff bar for nearly 20 years, we know that each of these requires a different approach for marketing and website content. This is the difference between working with Trial Guides on your strategy and working with another agency.

We know your challenges

Most of our team found the digital marketing field through our work in the legal field; this is how we came to see the unique challenges facing attorneys who wish to increase their digital presence. Most marketing agencies will not understand why their garden-variety techniques will not work on most legal marketing campaigns—and why so many lawyers are unsatisfied with marketing results.

With a hyper-focus on digital marketing for law firms, we've encountered the challenges you are facing before and have the expertise to craft a digital marketing solution that addresses these challenges head-on to drive the results you wan to see for your practice.

We know what works

We know how to guide your digital marketing efforts to reach maximum potential, from site build to brand management. 

We understand how to target your clientele through a customized digital marketing mix for your law firm and meet the legal industry's unique challenges. 

And we know that an effective marketing strategy means looking at the situation from every angle.

Trial Guides is the leading brand in the plaintiff bar and a pioneer in digital marketing within the legal field. Trial Guides Digital Marketing intends to be the market leader in legal marketing, website design, and SEO. No two sites face exactly the same challenges—which is why we build a customized, multi-stage marketing plan for every client relationship.

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