TLA Referral Partnership Program

What is the TLA Partner Program?

Trial Guides Digital Marketing Agency offers trial lawyer associations a new financial referral program.

Trial Guides Digital Marketing was made by a lawyer for lawyers. Trial Guides has over 20 years in digital marketing experience.  We are the antithesis of marketing agencies that charge high fees, produce lackluster results, and lack a general understanding of how digital marketing works in the legal field. Instead, Trial Guides helps law firms build cost-effective and sustainable marketing programs that enable lawyers to focus on what really matters: their clients. 

The Trial Guides Referral Program is an incredible way to generate revenue for Trial Lawyer Associations. Our program financially supports Trial Lawyer Associations with direct referral fees, encouragement to upgrade memberships, and help your members achieve financial success, by generating more cases and better cases for your members.

Our TLA Marketing Program is designed to provide material financial contributions to any legal organization. How does it work?

TLA Benefits:

Generate Passive Revenue

Our program enables a one-time referral fee to your association for the first month of services paid by a member. For every TLA member that you refer and that signs a 1-year contract, your TLA will receive a referral fee equal to 40% of the first month's service fee that we charge. For example, a $5,000 service fee will result in a $2,000 one-time referral fee to your TLA. 

This referral fee averages $600 - $4,000 per referral.

TLA-Exclusive Discounts

Leverage exclusive discounts on Trial Guides Digital Marketing services for your premier association members.

Access to a Free Legal Marketing Classroom

Provide your TLA members with access to a free classroom with assets orientated toward helping lawyers understand digital marketing concepts and strategies.

Yearly Bonus From Legacy Clients

TLAs receive a yearly reward for every year that a member stays on services with Trial Guides Digital Marketing.

Happy & More Successful Members

Help your members improve their business by partnering with a digital marketing agency that has their best interest in mind and delivers results.

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